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Although cell phones have only been around for a relatively short time period, about 20 years, they have really evolved quite quickly. From large, clunky handsets that were almost more of a bother than they were worth, cell phones have quickly become smaller and more powerful, and have become all but indispensible for most people in the world.

One of the bigger, and more recent, innovations in the cell phone world is that of internet access through your cell phone. No longer are these new 3g cell phones just tools to vocally communicate. Now they have become multi-purpose devices which act as phone, mini-computer, GPS unit and more.

3g phones are phones which have built in internet access. The term 3g actually refers to the type of internet capability that the phones have, and the internet network the phones use. 3g, or third generation, is currently the most widely available cellular internet. While it is far better than 1g or 2g, it is no longer the most modern. There are new 4g networks being built which take that title, but 3g is still the most widely available, so until 4g expands more, 3g will continue to be the main cellular internet platform.

With 3g, not only can you access the internet for browsing purposes, but you can also stream video and music, video conference with coworker and friends, and access GPS services through your phone.

There are a large number of phones out there that are able to work with 3g. However, there are certain phones which are designed for the internet side of things, not just the phone side of things. These phones, generally called “smart phones,” allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities available with 3g internet.

Some of the most popular smart phones are Apple iPhones, various Android-based phones, and BlackBerrys. BlackBerry phones are definitely more geared towards the business crowd, but iPhones and Android phones are also good for business people. For consumers, Android or the iPhone are good options.

These smart phones are definitely built for maximum 3g internet enjoyment, using large touch screens and qwerty keyboards. Also, the iPhone and Android operating systems are built around the use of apps, which allow you to do almost anything you can imagine. These apps are what make these phones so much better than a typical phone which had internet thrown in as a second thought. With Android and iPhone apps, your phone can become a personal trainer, a diary, a geographical exploration tool, or GPS navigation device, on top of the normal email and web browsing activities.

Cell phones have definitely come a long way, and 3g internet is one thing that has made them even more indispensible. With millions of people now accustomed to having internet access anywhere, anytime, it’s likely that 3g internet will be around quite a bit longer.


  1. Comment by Kids Gadgets — February 16, 2011 @ 9:55 pm

    That’s Right. With the development of the age more advanced, the various kinds of gadgets will be more and more and have different features including smart phones based on 3G. We can choose the product according to function, not just to look of sophistication.

  2. Comment by chfansnsa — October 13, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

    IPhone ??????
    I know there will be an iPhone SDK. I was thinking about buying the original iPhone but now im not sure. Is the iPhone SDK an actual phone or is it a software u can download onto your real iPhone?

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